Radical Prostatectomy

Radical prostatectomy is a surgical procedure done to remove entire prostate gland along with some surrounding tissue from the body. The prostatectomy is done to remove the cancer in prostate gland and prevent the spreading of cancer to other body parts. The process may be done through open surgery or laparoscopic surgery, which may be manual or robot-assisted, where it’s called robot assisted prostatectomy.

Prostate gland is a muscular gland surrounding part of urethra, the tube which carries urine and sperm out of the male body. It is an essential part of male reproductive system. The prostate gland produces the seminal fluid, the milky substance that carries the sperm.

Radical prostatectomy is done if tests show that the cancer has not yet spread much outside the prostate, i.e. if the cancer is still in stage I or II.

Radical prostatectomy can also be used as a treatment for urinary obstruction in men with stag III prostatic cancer. Transurethral resection of prostate, however, is a more commonly used treatment for such patients. Also, radical prostatectomy does not treat advanced prostatic cancer, but only helps to treat the symptoms.

In open radical prostatectomy operation, the surgeon makes an incision in lower abdomen to reach the prostate gland. Depending upon the case, the incision may be made in lower belly, called retropubic approach, or in perineum between the scrotum and the anus, called perineal approach. In the retropubic approach, the doctors usually remove the lymph nodes in the area as well to evaluate them for cancer. The lymph nodes are removed through a separate incision. Although the surgeon may not remove the lymph nodes if they are believed to be free of cancer according to cancer’s grade and PSA test results. However the recovery time required for retropubic approach is comparatively longer than that of perineal approach.


Radical Prostatectomy

Another way to get rid of prostatic cancer through radical prostatectomy is laparoscopic surgery, in which several small incisions are made in the belly. A laparoscope is inserted into one of the incisions, which is a small lighted instrument. The prostate is then removed using special instruments via other incisions. This process is called manual laparoscopic surgery. Nowadays, patients have the option of robot assisted laparoscopic surgery, which is exactly like its manual counterpart, except that it uses robotic arms which mimic a surgeon’s hand motions with extreme finesse and precision. Robot assisted laparoscopy radical prostatectomy usually requires specially trained doctors.

The main aim of either open or laparoscopic surgery is removal of prostatic cancer from the body. Sometimes it may require removal of entire prostate gland as well as tissues surrounding the gland, along with a set of nerves which affects a male’s ability to get an erection. This setback can be avoided through the use of nerve-sparing technique, which requires extremely precise cutting around the nerves in order to remove all the tumors and keep the nerves intact so as not to affect men’s ability to get an erection.

Radical prostatectomy usually requires use of general anesthesia and a period of hospital stay of up to 3-4 days afterwards. A catheter, which is a small, flexible tube, is usually left in the patients’ bladder to drain the urine for up to 3 weeks. Patients are provided with a general set of instructions to help them take care of the catheter for the required period. After the catheter is removed, bladder control can be somewhat poor, but this only lasts for a few weeks or months.

Radical prostatectomy is a very effective treatment for early stages of prostatic cancer. After radical prostatectomy operation, the cancer’s stage can be evaluated based on how far it had spread. If the radical prostatectomy operation successfully removes all the cancerous tumors, the PSA test scores will drop to almost zero. However, if the cancer is in advanced stages and has spread further beyond the prostate gland, the radical prostatectomy operation may only help relieve certain symptoms.



Although radical prostatectomy is an efficient treatment for early stages or localized prostate cancer, there are certain risks involved with radical prostatectomy. Erectile dysfunction is one of the serious side effects of radical prostatectomy. During the radical prostatectomy operation, the nerves that control men’s ability to get erection may get injured or even consciously removed in some cases. About half of the patients who had undergone radical prostatectomy regain the ability within some months or a year. Recovery depends upon various factors such as ability to have erection before the surgery, effect of radical prostatectomy on the nerves, and the patient’s age during the time of surgery. Medication like Prostacet for prostatic hyperplasia and Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra and some mechanical aids may prove helpful for patients with damaged nerves due to radical prostatectomy. The medicines may be more effective if intake was started soon after the surgery. Patients should consult with their doctors regarding the problem.

Urinary incontinence is another side effect which develops in almost half of the patients after undergoing radical prostatectomy. This may require urinary incontinence pads to prevent embarrassment due to occasional dribbling of urine. The side effect is more likely to develop after a year of the radical prostatectomy operation. During the surgery, the urethra is cut and then reconnected to the bladder. Therefore, chances of urinary incontinence are much lower if the radical prostatectomy operation is performed by a skilled surgeon. Treatment, however, may be necessary if the problem continues for longer than a year.

Radical prostatectomy is quite a major surgery, and carries general risks related to other operations like heart problems, allergic reactions to anesthesia used in surgery, blood clots, blood loss, and infections in the incision. Damage to urethra and rectum are also possible during the radical prostatectomy operation.

Radical prostatectomy should be opted after a considerable amount of personal thought over the procedure and how it may affect the patient’s overall health and quality of life. Age, medical conditions related to bowel or sexual function may affect the recovery after the radical prostatectomy operation. Patients may also be advised other options like active surveillance or radiation therapy to fight the cancer.

Care must always be taken to choose a highly skilled and experienced surgeon with a good success rate for the radical prostatectomy operation. Side effects like erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence are much less likely to occur if the surgery is performed by a skilled surgeon. Robot assisted prostatectomy may also be a better options for younger patients with good health who need treatment for early stages of prostatic cancer.

Both the radical prostatectomy operation and radiation therapy may cause urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction. The severity of both conditions depends upon the stage of cancer and what treatment is used, for instance, radiation therapy will most certainly cause some level of impotence, but radical prostatectomy performed by a skilled surgeon can prevent this.

Patients should keep in mind that although radical prostatectomy will remove the entire prostate gland, it is not possible to know ahead of time whether the cancer will be completely removed by the operation or not. Also, radical prostatectomy done when the cancer is localized removes all the tumors, yet follow ups are necessary to ensure early detection and subsequent treatment in case the cancer comes back. Follow up program of radical prostatectomy includes physical examinations, PSA tests, digital rectal exams, and in some cases, biopsies, if needed, to look for suspicious tissue growth.

Is That Red Patch On The Skin Yeast Infection?

Red patches on the skin are quite common and can be caused due to a host of factors. It could be some allergy or might be a mere irritation. But you just can’t take it too lightly. These red patches could be more serious than what you think and could connote yeast infection.  Yeast infection, a common skin problem is usually accompanied by red patches. So any time you notice similar patches on your skin, make sure you do not overlook it.

Skin is the most vulnerable part of our entire body because it is the skin that is continuously exposed to a host of external factors. No wonder there are countless skin infections attacking the skin sometime or the other. Amidst various skin infections that can attack the skin, yeast infection proves to be one of the most irritating ones. The reason for the same being that this skin problem is accompanied with constant itching and burning sensation, and can drive anyone crazy.

If you do not want to experience the miseries that are a part and parcel of the skin problem, the best you can do is detect the problem on time. But how do you do that? Knowledge about various symptoms of yeast infection will help you detect the problem at an early stage and avoid it too. There are various symptoms of yeast infection, the most common being ugly red patches on the skin. This is usually accompanied with bad breath, a heavily coated tongue and a dry mouth.

Though yeast infection can attack both men and women, it is more common in women. Women usually suffer from vaginal yeast infection. Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection include a burning sensation in and around the vagina. Women suffering from vaginal yeast infection may also experience pain during intercourse. Painful urination is another symptom of vaginal yeast infection. So in case you are suffering from one or more of these symptoms, you could well be a victim of yeast infection.

Having realized that you have been attacked by the dreadful yeast infection, it is time for you to take action by looking for an appropriate solution. There are several anti yeast infection products available in the market that can help fight yeast infection effectively. One of them is yeastrol. The reason why this product is a better option than its other counterparts is because it is homeopathic and more importantly effective.  So while your yeast infection is being cured, you are not running the risk of any side effects.

Just a little more vigil is all that is required on your part to ensure that you don’t end up being an unfortunate victim of yeast infection. It is better to act on time than to repent later.

Watch Your Clothes To Control Yeast Infection

Clothes and yeast infection- you may not be able to spot any relation between the two in the first instance. However, the two are connected to each other. It is your choice of clothes that goes at length in determining the condition of your yeast infection.

While tight fitting and synthetic clothes can aggravate the problem further, loosely fit and breathable clothing can help control the problem. Extremely fitted clothes trap the moisture and create a warm and humid environment. This warm and humid environment creates the perfect breeding ground for yeast infection causing microorganisms. As a result, your infection aggravates further. On the other hand, when you are wearing loose clothes, you allow your skin to breathe. This speeds up the healing process.

Thus, it is important that you be extremely careful about your clothing when suffering from yeast infection. However, wearing the right clothes alone will not help. You need to use the right yeast infection treatment too. Go in for effective products like Yeastrol Yeast Infection Treatment and deal with the problem in the best possible manner.

Choose the right clothes and you can keep your infection from worsening further.

Tag Away Skin Tag Remover Reviews

Does It Really Work?

Welcome to my Tag Away Skin Tag Remover Reviews website, my name Brenda.  This website is designed to share my experience with Tag Away Skin Tag Remover in hopes that it will help answer the biggest question, “Does it really work?”

Each time I watched the Tag Away commercial I shook my head because I didn’t believe that a simple homeopathic ointment could get rid of a skin tag when the main method of removing skin tags were done in a doctor’s office. Why has it taken so long for this all-natural plant-based extract to be found if it’s been around long before modern medicine was created? It seemed like a scam and I definitely wasn’t a believer despite my annoying and unsightly skin tags.

Finally, one day I decided to do a little research on the main and active ingredient in Tag Away Skin Tag Remover – Thuja Occidentalis – because I kept hearing positive Tag Away reviews from several people. I was quite surprised and speechless from the information that I found. This information sealed the deal for me and might make all the difference for you too. This is what I learned:

Medical studies have proved that the Thuja Occidentalis plant species is extremely helpful in getting rid of health problems that are associated with the human skin. If you are suffering from any number of skin growths then Thuja Occidentalis remedies might be extremely helpful to you.

In other purposes the Thuja Occidentalis is used for improving digestion, reducing symptoms of anxiety or stress and strengthening the immune system in the best possible manner. It also helps in getting rid of several health problems that are related to blood, skin, brain, kidneys and gastro intestinal tract.

I couldn’t believe all the health benefits this one essential oil can provide! The next thing to do seemed obvious. I ordered Tag Away Skin Tag Remover for myself on the official website.

Tag Away Skin Tag Remover couldn’t be easier to use. Just apply Tag Away to the skin tag or other skin growth as directed and/or needed and the essential oils will naturally dry it out to the point where it will fall away on its own without leaving any trace. It doesn’t sting or hurt, there aren’t any harsh chemicals to worry about, and it can be used on all different skin types.

Tag Away can’t be found in stores, which is to your advantage because the official TagAway website is having a special offer. If you purchase Tag Away Skin Tag Remover they will automatically double your order at no additional costs.

Each Tag Away bottle last 60-days which covers the 8 weeks it may take some individuals to remove their skin tags. If at any point you are unsatisfied with Tag Away Skin Tag Remover you can ship the bottles back within 30-days and get a full refund, minus shipping.

I have successfully removed two of the five skin tags that I have in the month I have been using Tag Away Skin Tag Remover. I have also been enjoying the additional health benefits I am getting from the essential oils in Tag Away.

I hope this Tag Away Skin Tag Remover Reviews site has been educational and helpful to you. I highly recommend Tag Away for those who want to get rid of unsightly skin tags and have smooth, clear skin. The only thing you have to lose are your skin tags; order Tag Away now!

The Effects of Penile Pearly Papules in a Man’s Life

Penile Pearly Papules in a Man’s Life

For certain men, their penis represents their manhood. Naming their “little friend” and giving it with the utmost care are some of the quite normal behaviors of a man who wants to protect his virility. That’s why whenever there’s trouble or complication with their penis such as penile pearly papules, dread automatically covers their body.

Not to mention the drastic drop in their self-esteem, confidence as well as self-image is also apparent because they think that their manliness has reduced or lessened. Indeed, the aforementioned problem is one of the common burdens that some men have to bear.

Pearly penile papules are actually a skin condition located at the top of the penis that is characterized by having dome-shaped with flashy color tiny bumps. If you have this condition, do not fret because majority of men are having this in a point in their life.

If you are looking for Penile Pearly Papules removal natural treatment click here to read more.

These bumps are more evident when the penis is erect and it is also the time when the patient is experiencing slight discomfort. However, you must know beforehand that penile papules are benign. They will not upset your sexual life nor produce any severe symptom or excruciating pain.

As a matter of fact, some men can stand this condition without describing all sorts of displeasure aside from its overall appearance. You should be cautious though, because penile pearly papules are known to attack the man’s psychological health. Having this condition will incrementally develop fear and anxiety to some men with regards to their sexual relations as well as self-image to other people.

In this manner, they will immediately panic when they hear people laughing while looking at their penis’ location. Also, they will tend to refuse having a sexual intercourse with their partner for they fear that this condition might scare them. As a result, severe fretfulness and low self-esteem are superficial to them.

In serious cases, men with PPP have a tendency to isolate themselves. As you might notice, pearly penile papules will not greatly affect your physical aspect but it is a major threat in the equilibrium of your psychological well-being.

Can Green Tea Reduce Cholesterol?

Cholesterol as such is not a major issue but then if you have a high level of cholesterol than this does become a major problem as this could lead to serious problems. If the LDL cholesterol is high it could lead to heart ailments and the main role that LDL cholesterol plays is that it clogs the arteries of the heart. This prevents the proper circulation of the blood thus leading to more pressure to pump blood into the heart, there is a low supply of oxygen furthering your chances of heart attacks etc.

LDL cholesterol is carried or rather supplied to the liver by the HDL cholesterol so that this can be disposed off but when the level of LDL cholesterol is high the level of HDL cholesterol which is good for the body has a decreased level thus it is unable to carry the harmful or bad LDL cholesterol to the liver which accumulates on the arteries of the heart thus leading to various heart ailments.

To boost the level of HDL cholesterol and decrease the level of LDL cholesterol in the body you can take green tea in particular as it has shown to decrease the level of LDL cholesterol.

Drinking diet tea or weight loss tea also helps lower the levels of blood cholesterol and science and research has proved that green tea has been useful to boost the level of HDL and decrease the level of LDL in the body.

A number of different varieties of tea were used to prove their clinical benefits like the Jasmine, Iron Buddha, Oolong tea, Puerh and Green tea. Jasmine tea showed that it fermented slightly, while Oolong and iron Buddha fermented partially, Puerh fermented 100% and it was only Green tea that showed that it did not ferment at all in spite of undergoing all the tests. This tea also showed that it helped decrease the level of cholesterol and helped burn more calories of fats thus enabling faster weight loss.

Green tea and Jasmine tea fermented far lesser thus it had a notable effect on the level of cholesterol in the liver. It was only green tea that showed a high potential and effectiveness to help lower the cholesterol level when taken in the right amount followed with a healthy diet and a regular regime of exercise.

Consuming green tea showed that it helped lower or decrease the level of LDL cholesterol that is known to circulate in the blood which may prevent the already existing cholesterol from turning into plaque.

Green tea is the best option to control your otherwise uncontrolled level of cholesterol and further as this is a herbal tea it has no side effects what so ever and people can tolerate it even if they have shown sensitivity to the effects of caffeine. Not only does green tea lower the level and maintain the level of cholesterol it also helps your weight loss diet plan.

There are many benefits of green tea but the most important one is that it helps prevent heart ailments, cancer and diabetes. Green tea is the best supplement that you can add to your diet plan without the fear of side effects.

Sleep Like There Is No Tomorrow With Help of Alteril – A Natural Sleep Aid

There is none more a satisfying feeling than to have a peaceful sleep at night. Sleep completes you and provides you with a much needed rest after a tough day at work or even at home, whichever may be the case. Sleep also replenishes your body with a new vigor and energy which you would sure need to take the challenges of the following day heads on.

There is a lot more to sleep than rest; sleep allows you to switch off your minds form the stress and tensions of life that you might undergo due to a lot of reasons. Having said all of the above mentioned things, there is a sad fact that say that there is quite a large population that cannot sleep properly or do not get adequate amount of sleep due to some or the other reasons.

Many even stated that they just cannot sleep the whole night due to a medical condition called as Insomnia while some continue to toss and turn to get a sleep but unable to get one because of a lot of worldly thoughts continue to surround them that make them unable to sleep. Whichever may be the reason, the bottom line is that there are a lot of people that find it very difficult to sleep. This is why there have been the emergence of a lot of sleeping aids that help people a lot in order to get a good sleep but none of the sleep aid medications could even match up to the prowess, effectiveness and usefulness of Alteril in letting people sleep peacefully.

Alteril is indeed one of the best sleep aid therapies that work well in providing a peaceful and serene sleep. The best part about Alteril is the ingredients that it boasts of; all of the ingredients of it have the proven ability to improve the quality of sleep of person and collectively they do just that. It also works well in inducing sleep into the sufferer. Another great feature of Alteril is that despite using it for regular periods of time, you won’t get addicted to it.

Many of the other sleep aids tend to cause side effects but that is not the case with Alteril as all of its ingredients are completely natural and devoid of any side effects which makes Alteril an even more exiting prospect for all those suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders. Its mechanism is that it gradually sedates the sufferer and eventually provides his/her a great, sound and a deep sleep. One thing that should be noted out is the person should consume Alteril one hour prior to going to bed in order to let Alteril starts it’s functioning which happens gradually. It gradually improves your sleep quality over a course of time, which will help you to get over your sleep disorders very soon. It also helps if one suffers from snoring and sleep apnea.