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The Benefits of the Prescription Assistant Network When there exists some organizations that cater for various health problems that will assist patients to get free or easily access various health care facilities and pay an amount that almost equals to half of the total costs incurred is a positive development since problems that deal with our health are very critical. Education is also important to different people who will access different information that will help them to be educated and compete favorably with other people. The various social amenities are inadequate to people who have wants that are unlimited and difficult to satisfy with the limited resources available. Health and education is an essential social amenities that a country must try to satisfy through participating in the development of more health care facilities and schools that will be carter for such needs. Various organizations and agencies have come up to solve the problems that are concern education and health care facilities in the world. Agencies that have emerged include the Prescription Assistant Network. The Prescription Assistant Network is a renown non-profit agency that was formed using grants from different foundations found in Greater Massillon. The main headquarters are located in Stark County and it began in the year 2002 and still functional up to date. The prescription Assistant Network was then able to open different charitable pharmacies in different places. This agency is very helpful since it allows various people to acquire education and pharmaceuticals easily through the charitable pharmacy of the Prescription Assistant network while negotiating with some community organizations and health care experts to make use of the available resources to give better services to the people. The Prescription Assistant Network aids the uninsured people who get moderate or low wages to get education and pharmaceuticals. They aid the different people to find and apply for assistance programs that will allow them to purchase various medication easily at fair prices. They also provide discounts to various drugs by equipping different people with drug discount cards which can be sent to friends and family members who will be able to get various drugs at cheaper prices. The Prescription Assistant Network provides for different Health insurance places which assist different individuals who do not have health insurance to be able to register for health coverage depending on their incomes. They are allocated with prescription drugs, mental health care, maternity care and emergency services at no costs or subsidized prices. Medicare coverage is given to different people by the agency for different prescription drugs mainly to people with over sixty-five years and people who are surviving with different disabilities. The Prescription Assistant Network is an agency that is important since it helps various individuals to easily acquire the social amenities like medication and education easily for free or at reduced prices.The Art of Mastering Medicines

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