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Chapter Two of My Amazing Fibromyalgia Recovery

During my six month leave as I was getting better from the Stretta operation, I initiated a course of tetracycline-family antibiotics in order to jump-start the meibomian glands on my eyelid to begin functioning normally. Also, to address the allergic reaction for my eyes, Only weeks after I began taking antibiotics, my next greatest problem started. Perhaps this was coincidental. A year later, when this problem became twice worse only two weeks after taking my second course of tetracycline-family antibiotics; this made me think that maybe I discovered a cause. This new health problem was a lot of back, leg, and groin pain. The connection to mercury. I mean that antibiotics decrease your body's natural function to remove mercury. Also, tetracyclines have been proven to boost mercury toxicity.

I truly think my body had been forced past its ability to detoxify because of the Hep B vaccine. Proof? My eyes going crazy and my deep stomach pain. The mercury in my body was gradually building yp. I increased that accumulation when I took the tetracycline antibiotics.  Where did the mercury end up? Most likely to the lower parts of my larger body cavities like my groin and low back. Why there? Mercury is recognized as a heavy metal; it's 14 times the weight of water. So mercury tends to sink easily and settle at the lower body cavities.

This new health issue got its start when I was running on my treadmill. I took notice that my right leg moved oddly out the side near my hip muscles. Next, my groin began hurting. Then I felt pain going down my right leg. This was strange since I had never felt pain in my groin. So I soon was checked by a urologist who gave me the diagnosis of epilidymetis which is an infammation in my groin. I took more antibiotics and an analgesic. Also, I was given an ultrasound of my groin as well as a C-T scan of my groin and low-back areas. Since there was no clear problems in my groin, and the prescription drugs didn't do anything, the urologist believed the cause may be nerve pain taking place in the spine because of spinal stenosis. He sent me to see an orthopedic doctor. This doctor thought the actual problem was a congenital defect.

My vacation from my job was quickly coming to a close. Now I was supposed to get better during my time off. But now, I was worse than when I initially took a leave of absence to focus on improving my health. Not only was I suffering from hurting eyes, blurred eyesight, and stomach pain, I felt pain traveling down my right leg and pain in my groin!

Now in my story, I am dealing with huge GI and eye issues, and have just inherited back, groin, and leg pain. So I resumed my job. Fortunately I located a really good doctor close to my job. He is a physiatrist who puts more stress on physical treatment. I began a rather lengthy period of different diagnostic and therapeutic treatments with him. He was quite certain that my pain got its roots in my back. But an MRI of my lumbar spine failed to show any meaningful structural rationale. As before, I was once more in the gray area. So we started a series of treatment options.

Finally the doctor diagnosed me with internal disc damage. The absolute only reasonable explanation that this doctor could come up with was that I must probably had an annular tear.

I began experiencing progressively worse back pain. Lumbar type of pain is without doubt the worst kind of pain that anyone can endure.

When I ate, the thoracic pain usually would intensify or decrease. Nobody could explain this pain while I ate.

While the doctor was using conservative means to treat my back pain, my back exploded. I felt this previous excruciating pain like when the doctor injected fluid into my disc. Except this time this pain would not diminish or go away.

This pain was so intense that with no support, I would have been totally unable to do anything. Thanks to powerful painkillers, they permitted me to move on with minimum pain. With no pain relief, I would have had no possibility of getting a good night's sleep.

I was seriously feeling nothing but pain. All the usual treatments failed to work. My few options now were now running out.

I was looking forward to the IDET surgery as my savior from my so much pain! This surgery required a full hospital team from an anaesthesiologist to about three doctor's assistants. It took around an hour to complete. For the following two weeks I was connected to a machine which circulated ice water to my lower back. I was very inactive for the next several months. I experienced a lot of ups and downs.

Gradually my back improved a little. Something strange was happening: the distribution and quality of my pain started to change. It grew from amazingly intense pain in my low back groin area, and leg, as well as to my soft-tissue pain in both legs and buttocks.


Chapter 3

Soon the doctor believed that the core of my problem was successfully reduced. But I was not feeling that much improved; I just felt different. One day my doctor used a soft-tissue injection on an extremely tender place in my hip area. He became quite excited as the injection gave me some fast, gentle pain relief in the region where I was injected. In account of this, I heard a strange new sounding word from my doctor: "Fibromyalgia."

I have been given a new health condition when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. My doctor became excited for eventually having found a diagnosis for my weird reactions and symptoms. But the more I learned about Fibromyalgia, the less I wanted to know about it.

One fascinating theory of Fibromyalgia is it includes dysfunction of the hypothalamus which is a little gland in the brain that commands several activities in the body. One aspect of this theory that I think is odd is that it is thoroughly documented in scientific reports based on autopsies that it is known that mercury tends to build up in the hypothalamus as well as the pituitary gland. Is this a valid clue?

After going back to work, I began feeling great nasal and eye pain. For the next two years I searched for answers to provide me with any kind of relief from this pain. I was checked by three ear-nose-throat specialists. I was given a C-T scan of my skull. I took available drug treatments that I could find.

Soon the ENT doctor had me go see a dentist for the purpose of a TMJ evaluation. The dentist examined and ultimately concluded that I was indeed suffering from TMJ problems. He advised me to apply ice on the joint as well as to the muscle reaching along the jawbone. At a later date, my TMJ pain was one of the initial things to improve when my amalgams were removed.

During my mercury detox, the majority of my nasal and eye pain vanished.

I wish to point at some now obvious connections:

--I was given three tetracycline-family antibiotics

--After the first antibiotic shot, I started to feel the groin, leg, back pain.

--My back pain erupted after the third shot.

--The emerging of my eye/nasal pain occurred after the second shot.

The timing is impeccable!

Despite the fact that I suffered from chronic fatigue much later, I still had to deal with it for years. I have read doctors claiming that the main medical problem that is haunting the lives of so many Americans is fatigue. I think it's very likely that toxicity is a contributing factor to this general fatigue health issue.

On a happy note, a reduction of my fatigue has been a real success for me. For example, while chelating, each week my fatigue would decrease gradually a little more.

Another health problem I had to contend with is "brain fog". Actually the more tired I felt, the more I would experience this "brain fog" state. I tell you, it's very difficult to either socialize or work when you are in "brain fog" mode.

So I have narrated the many bizarre symptoms and experiences that I had to go through for around 5 years with no logical explanation in sight.

Hopefully by now, you have made the connection of what really caused all of my health problems: mercury toxicity.

My alternative health doctor suggested that I have a hair test. Hair tests are a fair indicator for possible toxins.  After the test results, mercury turned out to be my highest toxin in my body.

With this hair test result, it was more than enough to motivate me to set up an appointment to have all of my mercury fillings removed. When my dentist was checking my mouth, he said that the back right filling curently was leaking. When the dentist was taking out my mercury fillings located on my right side, there was this unexpected relief.

The following months after the filling removal, I began seeing certain mental modifications. I felt more relaxed, clear-headed, more focused, plus I had an easier time getting along with people. In addition, my TMJ pain got a lot better and my hair grew fuller and thicker.

When I realized that there was no doubt in my mind that it was mercury at the core of all of my health problems, I soon dove into heavy-duty research to learn the best ways to remove this metallic poison that was still trapped inside my body.

During my course of learning what really helped me to remov mercury, I made a number of painful mistakes that could have been avoided.  I have learned a great deal of practical chelating know-how from many experts such as Andrew Cutler.

After a year of chelating the mercury out of my body with the right chelators, here are the improvements I have so far experienced:


1) My muscles are functioning much better.

2) I do not feel as cold in both hands and feet.

3) My overall memory has improved by a big margin.

4) My joints function a lot better.

5) My hair is stronger, thicker, and even growing where I have lost some hair.

6) My allergies have been hugely reduced.

7) My low back has improved immensely: it feels 10 times better.

8) My chronic fatigue is vanishing.

9) I feel more relaxed and less anxious.

10) My heart rate is more steady than before.

11) My overall outlook is far more positive.

12) My sense of good health is much higher these days.

13) My blurry vision has disappeared.

14) My fibromyalgia is around 90% gone.

15) My nasal and eye pain has vanished.

16) My appetite is now normal.

17) My chronic sinusitis has improved greatly.

18) I have far easier time swallowing.

19) I am more motivated to do stuff.

20) I experience no more headaches.

21) My blood pressure is completely normal

22) My TMJ problems have left me.

23) My insomnia is improving.


I believe I made an amazing recovery. Because I didn't know what to expect while chelating, it is difficult to think that these improvements are only due in account of the placebo effect. I held no preconception that several of these symptoms and conditions can be caused by mercury poisoning.

6 months later of more chelation, I completely recovered from fibromyalgia and its related body pains.


If you currently suffer from fibromyalgia and would love to get better as I did, I have provided a simple to follow step-by-step plan for what you ought to do first, what chelators to use for the best results, and what supplements to take while chelating. If you are ready, click on: overcoming fibromyalgia.


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