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Mercury 2 Detox Clay Bath Stories

"Three year old Jacob had autistic tendencies; he and the rest of the members of his family took LL’s Magnetic Clay Detox baths with great results. See letter below.


About a year after the letter, we contacted Mrs. D. and she reported that Jacob was “completely symptom free from autism”.

"After my son has a bath, he is so much clearer and quieter the next day. He speaks better, and more understandably! He has less tactile defensiveness and is much more affectionate! I love that so much, most children with autism don't like to be touched much.

And the SLEEP! He sleeps through the night almost all the time now. It is very rare, once every other month, that he gets up in the night."
Mary L. (mother of autisitic child)


Special Story on Autism - 4/30/05

"My daughter was born a healthy happy baby. She was fine up until she turned 13 months old, after her MMR shot, I lost her. She stopped talking. She stopped responding when I called her. Her eye contact was gone. 1 found out in 2001 that my daughter had mercury poisoning. The level was 45--off the chart. The doctor put her on DMSA for about six months He stopped her from being on it due to health reasons. My daughter has ulcercibe colitis and an ulcer in her esophagus that is in the pre-cancer stage. My daughter hasn't spoken since she was a baby.

After TWO baths of the magnetic clay (LL's Magnetic Clay), she started talking. She is eight years old. The teachers and everyone believed, due to her age, she would not talk. Well guess what, she is!!
Thank you so much for giving me my daughter back!"


"My eight year old son is autistic, and his speech is severely delayed. Most of the time he only mimics words and doesn't really communicate. After giving him the mercury detox clay bath, only once, I have already seen a significant difference. He told me twice when he was cold, and even asked me for food and drink.

This is probably doesn't sound like much, but for a mom who is constantly trying to guess at the needs of her child because he is incapable of letting me know when he is hungry, or cold, or uncomfortable, it means the world to me. It brought tears to my eyes. I am greatful for such a great product and I will tell everyone that I know who would benefit from it."

- Lynne F., Tucson, AZ


"I am a mother of an autistic 6 year old beautiful boy. My son was non-verbal. Just started to talk a few months ago. We decided to try the clay bath. The clay baths are wonderful. We noticed improvements with his speech, more verbal and expressive. Another thing, we noticed his BM's. Where as before, he used to have 1-2 BM's in a day, now he has 3 BM's. Yahoo!   This is a dream come true! There is a lot to be said about clay baths. Healing, health, and happiness.



"This is the best thing that has happened to Haley. She can play with toys and puzzles now. Likes to color, use stickers and play dough. Her three Special Ed teachers cannot believe this is the same child they first met.

Speech is slowly coming out and we have every hope she will be talking more each month that passes. I will always give her these clay baths. Also, she was found to have high levels of mercury and cadmium."

- Sandy Geasa, Surprise, AZ


"We bought your Detoxifying Clay Baths for a kid about 10 yrs old. We have been giving him foot baths and full body baths occasionally. His mercury level was initially 44.2 ug/lit., and thanks to your Detoxifying Clay Baths the mercury level has now come down to 12.8 ug/lit."

- Ashish C., McLean, Virginia


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